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How to make a persuasive copy for your social media campaigns?

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On Facebook, the average conversion rate for ads is 9.21 percent.

Your social media campaigns can trigger more conversions by following these actions.

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Being persuasive is one of the great talents marketers have, however, when it comes to social media advertising it can sometimes be difficult to achieve. As a clearer sample of this we have the average conversion rate achieved with social media campaigns, for example, in the case of Facebook, Wordstream data indicates that it reaches 9.21 percent for different industries. Although it may seem a not so bad figure, it can always be better, so we will see what can be done with the copies for social media campaigns in order to achieve better results.

According to the Social Media Examiner, the following actions are crucial to developing copies that really attract people's attention and motivate them to generate conversions:

  • Ask a question that people are thinking

According to the source, brands have to try to make the consumer say as many times as possible, that way they will be more likely to do so when it comes to selling or converting.

With the above in mind, it is precisely this aspect that should be considered asking questions as part of the copy of the ads, questions that relate to the consumer experience. Thus, not only does the ad resonate better and create a connection with the consumer, it also makes it more likely to execute the desired action by the brand.

For example, if you have a firm that develops websites for other businesses, as part of the copy in the ad you can put: Do you want to launch a professional website for your business ?, this will serve to engage the audience, however the thing does not end ah, this message must be accompanied by the call to action so that they can generate the conversion knowing what they should do or what they will get when they click on the ad.

  • Clearly offer a discount or lead magnet

In social media campaigns, discounts can be great incentives to generate conversions, in fact, according to the source, 92 percent of consumers look for offers when they buy so offering something like a discount helps conversion attention.

A discount that can be 5 or 10 percent can be quite reasonable, it does not shorten profit margins and can generate more customers for the company or brand. So when you have a discount, for example, generated through a code that consumers can use, include it in the ad again accompanied by a call to action that is clear.

  • Use quotes or testimonials

Nothing like social tests to boost the results of a social media campaign in addition to the trust of potential consumers. Therefore, leveraging testimonials from satisfied or reviewed customers as part of the ads is one of the best elements with which you can work to boost conversions.

As you know, when a consumer is the one who explains how the products or services of a brand benefit them, the rest of the people can identify with their stories on a more personal level, it is an approval stamp that triggers the trust towards a brand and what it sells.

To implement this recommendation, the first thing you need is the testimonials, to do this, you can send an email to customers to request their help to share their experience. Once you have the testimony you should only request your authorization to use it in an advertisement.

  • Talk about the benefits, not just the features

The details or characteristics of a product can be important, however, it cannot be said precisely that these are the main reason why consumers acquire a product.

Generally, what triggers purchases are emotional and experience reasons. Therefore, with social media campaigns, you should think about the in-depth benefits of products or services for generating conversions. Think about the benefits of the product and emphasize them in the ads.

  • Create a sense of urgency for users to act

According to the source, when there is a limitation over time for issues such as taking advantage of an offer, a product or a discount, the first thing that human nature brings us is to take advantage of these elements.