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How to get Facebook chat heads for WhatsApp, Skype and similar applications

Facebook introduced chat heads in Messenger a long time ago and remains our favorite feature of the messenger application. The on-screen warning about new conversations, the option to read and respond from the pop-up window, even when you are using another application, provides a better user experience. If you love chat bosses, you should have thought about obtaining it for the rest of the communication applications on your smart phone, such as WhatsApp, Gmail, Hangouts, Skype, etc. The good news is that you can get chat heads for all your chat applications.

The Notifly Android application allows you to enable chat heads for most messaging and email applications on your smart phone. Therefore, here is our guide to start with Notifly and enable chat heads for various communication applications:.

How to get chat heads for Android applications with Notifly?

1. First, download Notifly from Google Play Store and instill it. It works for Android 4.4 KitKat and higher.

two. To start, you must provide Notifly access to the content of the notification on the phone. To do this, activate the option to toggle in the Permissions screen (this will appear at the start of the application). On the screen " Access to notifications ", select the checkbox of" Notifly " and I touched " okay "when asked" Enable Notifly?

3. On the welcome screen of the application, find the list of all applications that are compatible with Notifly.

Four. Now select the applications for which chat headers should be enabled. May enable or disable chat heads for an application simply by activating or deactivating the activation key with them. Then you can press " Configuration "to customize the appearance, features, filter and chat head system.

Features Notifly offers.

Enabling this option will allow you to send more than one response to a conversation through the chat headers.

Chat Head Features : For messenger applications such as Whatspp, Telegram, Messenger, you can see additional options in the chat. For example, touching the chat header will give you a preview of the conversation, options to close the chat header and open the application, or block the chat header of a particular contact. These options may differ from one application to another.

Note : If you have blocked chat messages for a specific contact, you can unlock it through the Notifly settings. Select the Notifly application, tap on " Configuration "and in the category" Filter ", you can find the list of blocked conversations. Remove the contact name for which the chat bosses will be unlocked.

Color of By default, a color is defined for the chat header for each application. However, there are other color options available, but you have to upgrade to Notifly Plus (available as a purchase in the $ 1.16 application) .

Theme: The light theme is enabled by default in the application and there is an option to switch to the dark theme, but again, the function is available for Plus users.

Color of distinctive and distinctive : You can choose to have a badge in the chat header that shows the number of unread messages. And if the badge is enabled, you can choose a color for it.