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How to activate motion control in Call of Duty: Mobile

Playing with motion control is something that everyone does not like, but this curious way of playing can be an advantage in your favor if you know how to use it, so we teach you how to use it.

How to activate the gyroscope in Call of Duty: Mobile

Motion control is activated when the gyroscope is activated. The gyroscope is a sensor that allows us to move that movement in the different applications or games when moving the mobile. Not all games or apps can be used, but it can be in Call of Duy Mobile, we show you how to do it.

The first thing we will have to do is go to the options, which we will find in the gear icon at the top of the screen.

Call of duty mobile gyroscope

There we will go to the section ofBasic,that we will find next to controls, at the top. We will automatically be in the multiplayer mode section (MJ mode). We will go down until we see the Gyroscope option. There we will select that s, or that only when pointing, in this case we will select s.

Call of duty mobile gyroscope

Now it is activated. But it is possible that if you are going to play with the gyroscope it is possible that it is not fully calibrated to your liking. That is why we will go toSensitivity. There we will go down (also in multiplayer mode) until we find the optiongyro sensitivityWe can modify the sensitivity of each section so you can leave it to your liking.

call of dutym mobile gyroscope

Now you can move the camera with the movement of your mobile phone. But don't worry, you can also do it as usual, to combine it with the gyroscope and be the fastest on the battlefield aiming and firing. Ready to defeat all your enemies?

You may need some time to get used to it, we recommend that you modify the sensitivities as you need. That will allow you to be more aware of the game and not the controls.

It may also be that you end up without getting used to it, then you simply return to the options, deactivate it and that's it. Return to the battlefield.

Call of Duty: Mobile

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