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How the new programmable buttons that you can add to your PlayStation 4 controller work

The programmable buttons are at the bottom of the control; they are an alternative to the other buttons on the DualShock 4 controller; do not allow to create macros (combinations or repetitions of buttons)

Play Station
present a new accessory for the remote
DualShock 4, used by the console
Playstation 4, which allows to add
two touch buttons on the back that can be programmed to carry out up to
16 different actions.

It is composed of two buttons that work in a tactile way with "great capacity of answer", according to explained PlayStation in a communiqué. They are located in the center of the rear of the DualShock controller, where they can be attached.

Programmable button and OLED display

The new PlayStation accessory incorporates a small OLED screen in the center, round, with which it shows users real-time information about the assigned actions: triangle, circle, R1 or R2, among others.

How are the new programmable buttons for the PlayStation 4


The buttons can be programmed to carry out up to 16 different actions, depending on the needs of each game. By using an independent button it is possible to change the configuration of the rear buttons on the fly.

In addition, it is possible to save and choose up to three different profiles for use in several games, and there is also a headphone transmission port to connect any headset with 3.5 mm cable to the remote.

What is not possible is to store macros (combinations or sequences of commands) to automate actions; It is only to offer an alternative position for the buttons.

The product has been tested and approved for all VR titles of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation, and has been designed with the ergonomics of DualShock 4 in mind.

The accessory, which is intended for "gamers of all levels" but especially for those who play competitively, be available in Spain on February 14, 2020 for a price of 30 euros, and in the United States on January 23 for 30 dollars.


How the new programmable buttons that you can add to the command of your PlayStation 4 work – LA NACION