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Guaper, a game in which they will appreciate how handsome you are. Tinder!

Guaper is a game where you can value, and let them value you, beauty. how do others see you? Find out with this app inspired by Tinder.

Tinder It has marked a milestone in terms of beauty applications: assessing left or right to the members of the application is pure vice. Do you like it, don't like it, would you like to meet this person alone …? It's a match! Tinder can be almost a game, although for this game we propose you: Guaper. How will your colleagues see you?

Rate others and, if you agree, you can continue betting

Test your beauty with this Tinder game

Guaper It is a chained betting game that has three rounds for each participation. You must assign each photo, which corresponds to a real person, in four different levels: Simple Guaper, Double Guaper, Extra Guaper and Mega Guaper. If you hit level passes and earn coins; If your assessment does not match the person you lose the round and you must start from scratch paying coins.

The levels are measured around how the set of players sees each person. According to previous assessments, the system assigns a level of beauty that should match your bet. This not only serves to play, but also to "fatten up" your ego: if you think your beauty is worthy of framing, make your own profile and participate in Guaper.

Bets and participations are paid in currencies. As is the norm in freemium games you must win the games to keep the option to continue playing. At the moment there is no option to buy the coins, but surely developers will soon implement in-app purchases.

A game as fun as narcissistic that requires too many permits

The idea is not bad: move the mechanics of Tinder to a pure game format. Although yes, Guaper abuses permits. Identity, phone, contacts, location … Too many for an application that only serves to measure the level of beauty.

For the rest, it is a nice bet that will surely grow in users. You know: we all like to be seen handsome. O Guapers …