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Get back to the 80s arcade with Retro Shooting for Android

Retro shooting It is a proposal that brings us a style of play widely used in the 80s in which we will control a plane or ship in zenith perspective. Classic

The categories of video games have evolved over time although there are some such as platforms or driving games that have more or less been maintained over time, having changed the graphic quality rather than the focus of each title.

But there are other types of games that no longer have the impact they had before and among them are the zenith perspective Shooters, those in which we controlled a ship or an airplane, according to the title, and we had to move between waves of enemies with hundreds of missiles, weapons and elements on stage to reach a final boss who was several times larger than us.

Retro Shooting tare us exactly that to our Android phones with pixelated graphics that move us to decades ago.

Back to the 80s arcade with Retro Shooting

Death and destruction

The game as it could not be otherwise is very simple and with a finger we can control the basics. By sliding it on the screen we will move our ship, which will be firing permanently.

The power of these shots will increase as we destroy the enemy ships and collect the elements that are usually diamonds or medals.

Die, die, die, die …

This will make we can improve our plane or buy another through in-game purchases although we can temporarily unlock them by watching some videos.

Back to the 80s arcade with Retro Shooting

Huge bosses and special weapons

There were two things that were almost mandatory in these types of games. On the one hand the bosses of each phase were monsters much larger than us and better equipped. This is seen in Retro Shooting although the size is not as exaggerated as we expected.

Back to the 80s arcade with Retro Shooting

The other classic element was the special weapon, that we could only use when we recharged it and that shattered half screen. Here we can activate it by pressing with two fingers on the screen and selecting either a bomb or a plasma weapon.