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Galaxy Fold vs. Motorola Razr: Its specifications face to face

The Galaxy Fold is a long cell phone that can be unfolded into a mini-tablet.


Motorola is manufacturing a folding phone I will leave this summer and there are many reasons to be excited. It is rumored that the company will reactivate its beloved Razr brand, which dominates the cell phone landscape before smart phones became fashionable. But the Razr will have to face the tough competition of the Galaxy Fold, to be available on April 26, and the Huawei Mate X, which will come out sometime this summer, but probably not in the US

As for its specifications, the Galaxy Fold and the Motorola Razr could not be more different. Based on patent illustrations, Motorola seems to be adopting a more practical approach than Samsung. Instead of a phone opening and becoming a tablet as with the Galaxy Fold, the Razr doubles as a folding phone to be more affordable. What makes this design "foldable" is that the Razr is expected to have a single screen that folds in the middle.

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Design of a Motorola Razr folding patent.


The Galaxy Fold screen opens and closes like a book. The Razr's screen folds vertically in half like … well, a foldable phone. In addition to a larger internal screen that folds in half, both phones must also have a screen on the outside of the device.

Ms on foldable phones

Each of these foldable phones costs more than most of the phones currently sold. The Galaxy Fold has an initial price of US $ 1,980 for the 4G model. Samsung has not announced prices for the 5G model. The Razr is expected to cost $ 1,500.

None of the phones have yet been analyzed by specialized media. Despite Motorola's confirmation that they will launch a folding phone this summer, the Razr has not been officially announced. The Galaxy Fold, on the other hand, was shown and demonstrated on stage at a Samsung event in February. But apart from a video of marketing and see the phone behind a glass, the Galaxy Fold remains a mystery.

However, thanks to the XDA Developers site, we have an idea of ​​what the specifications for the supposed folding Razr will be. If the specifications are correct, the Motorola Razr foldable will be much more than a mid-range phone with a smaller screen, an intermediate processor, a smaller battery and a much smaller initial storage.

Samsung imagines the Galaxy Fold as a luxury device, but the new Razr will have one thing that the Fold doesn't have: a touch of nostalgia.

This is how the folding Razr compares (according to the filtration of its specifications) with the Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Fold vs. Motorola Razr folding

Screen size and resolution

Mobile software






Front camera

Price without contract (in USD)

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Motorola Razr (filtration)

7.3 inches QXGA + Dynamic AMOLED; 4.6 inches Super AMOLED

6.6 inches OLED (2,142×876 pixels); NA (800×600 pixels)

Android 9.0 with Samsung One UI

N / A, but surely Android Pie or Android Q

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

Qualcomm Snapdragon 710


64GB, 128GB


4GB, 6GB



12 megapixels (wide angle), 16 megapixels (ultra wide angle), 12 megapixels (telephoto)

N / A

Two 10 megapixel cameras, 8 megapixels 3D depth

N / A

$ 1,980

$ 1,500

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