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Five applications with more than 5 years that remain the best

How time goes by, right? It seems like yesterday, but Android has a whopping 10 years among us. We have seen many different versions, thousands of different devices, applications and games to bore you … But, among all this huge amount of elements, there are not so many that have been left for history.

Leaving devices aside, today I will review with five applications that have been waging war for more than five years. If we analyze the Google Play Store in perspective, we will see that there are tens of thousands of new apps, but there are not so many that can be considered as key in a theme. Curiously, most are already a few years old, a sign that the bases began to sit when the system was not yet fully mature.

Most of the representative applications have evolved to continue being a reference. In fact, I usually recommend them every time someone asks me about I should install. And they are the demonstration that in Android almost anything can be achieved: from extreme customization to change almost any aspect of the system.

Nova Launcher

Five applications with more than 5 years that remain the best

There is not much discussion when it comes to choosing the best launchers for Android: Nova is in all pools and usually rises to number one. This app, which was launched in August 2012, it has been the one that I have recommended the most. What do you not like the layer of your mobile? Nova Launcher What do you want maximum customization? Nova Launcher What are you looking for an app that is up to date with Google changes? Without a doubt, Nova Launcher. It is free and complements perfectly with your payment add-on.

Titanium Backup

Five applications with more than 5 years that remain the best

The ROOT has been disappearing from the priorities of the androids, but there was a time when most of us rooted our cell phone to take the applications with their data, eliminate the bloatware or transfer the applications to the SD. Titanium is still tremendously useful today (is from before 2010), but with the evolution of Android, and its emphasis on security, both ROOT and the use of the app have become less expendable. Even so, it is still a must if you release administrator access on your smartphone.


Five applications with more than 5 years that remain the best

We have thousands, surely tens of thousands of applications with backgrounds, sounds, themes … to download from the Google Play Store, but there is an app that has been on the top since it appeared before 2010: Zedge. With it you can customize the most basic of your smartphone having a database as unattainable as quality. It is a guaranteed and 100% recommended choice.

Elixir 2

Five applications with more than 5 years that remain the best

It's not as popular as it should, it's a shame. This set of tools, hardware analysis and real-time monitoring allows you to know how your mobile works inside to create amazing widgets with all the connectors and triggers you can think of. Its possibilities are immense although this application has a whopping 7 years in the market; something that shows in the interface, unfortunately .. If you have not tried it yet, I recommend you install it: you will thank me.


What to say about Swiftkey What hasn't already been said? He was one of the pioneering keyboards in writing prediction (September 2010), also knew how to adapt perfectly the change that Swype introduced: the writing by strokes. Said Swype ended up dying, but SwiftKey remains as young as the first day thanks to the effort to continue updating and improving it. Hopefully it doesn't end up noticing Microsoft's hand, because I would love for this keyboard to live forever. Long live SwiftKey!