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Facebook confirms that it always accesses your location

The issue of privacy is something that has caused more than one anger in hundreds of thousands of users of Facebook, and now it has been confirmed that the social network access with some assiduity to our location.

But the seriousness of the matter is not that, that is already known, or pruning is suspected. The serious thing is that Facebook accesses our location, although we have deactivated the option.

1.2 billion records of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have been leaked

From Facebook itself they comment on the 3 methods they use to access the location of the users:

  1. IP Address: through this action the approximate location is obtained.
  2. Location tags: When we publish that we are in such a concert, or in such a restaurant, Facebook, know where you are.
  3. Active location: an option that is available on our smartphone and that we can enable or disable. In addition, when we download Facebook on our mobile, it is one of the permissions that we must grant.

Facebook excuses itself in that the location in beneficial for offer personalized advertising and services based on the geolocation of the user.

All this is known by reason of a letter that Facebook has sent to two US senators. Remember that the social network is being investigated for a monopoly attempt, since it intends to share data and information between 3 applications.

A worker (Christopher A Coons) of the US Senate Judiciary Committee UU. He has crossed out Facebook's actions as misleading, because the objectives are not clearly reflected, since the company claims that users are the owners of their own information, but that is not entirely true.

Coons says that Congress must take action regarding this situation Because US citizens have the right to know what happens to their private information, and that ties to the location.

One way or another, Facebook does not leave the web of araa in which it entered 2 years ago when the massive theft of data was discovered and that Cambridge Analtica brought to light. The case is again in the hands of the Senate and Congress, but the goal is to cut the access that Facebook has to our location.

Is it true that when you shake your mobile on Facebook, the option "Report a problem" appears?

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