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Facebook always knows your location, even if you don't want it

Facebook admitted, in a letter to US lawmakers that, although a user deactivates location services, the company is still aware of its location to customize advertising.

Senators Christopher Coons, a Democrat for Delaware, and Josh Hawley, a Republican for Missouri, questioned the social network about his tracking practices. In response, Facebook's deputy director of privacy, Rob Sherman, wrote a letter that was obtained by The Hill newspaper, which explains how, even if a user deactivates the location service, Facebook uses tools such as IP address To know where you are. It also takes advantage of the custom of many people to constantly report where they are and what they are doing.

This was explained by the executive: When using Facebook, there are people who can provide specific information about their location. They can register a visit to a restaurant or store, or apply a location tag to a photo, or maybe a friend can tag them in a post where they have registered a visit.

Facebook needs to know where a user is, because the advertising it shows is based on this information. By necessity, virtually all Facebook ads are based on location, although the ads are almost always aimed at people within a particular city or some larger region, Sherman added.

Lawmakers reproached the way the company earns revenue through personal information that users have specifically chosen not to share.

Facebook claims that users have control of their own privacy, but in reality users don't even have the option of preventing Facebook from registering and monetizing their location information, Coons said.

Hawley, on the other hand, expressed through a tweet: There is no way out. There is no control over your personal information. So are the Big Tech (the big tech companies). And that is why Congress must take action.

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