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Details and price of Pocophone F1, the mystery of Xiaomi are filtered

In these weeks it has been forging a secret that has us all in suspense: Pocophone F1. This mysterious phone whose details are barely counted on the fingers of one hand, will be manufactured by Xiaomi and aims to be another high-end full-fledged one. Now we know more data, within the strange thing that surrounds this device. This time it has touched the price and features, filtered by a famous leaker

The Pocophone leaks again: it will be an economic range cap

As always, we are cautious and we warn you that this information is not official, although according to the filter it has bases to be true. The author of the leak is Roland Quandt, who from his Twitter account informs us of the price and basic features of Pocophone F1.

The details that Roland tells us understand its price, which will be in its base format from 420 euros in its version of 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. If we want more storage, we will have to pay 40 euros more, going up to the figure of 460 with 128 GB of internal memory.

Features and price of Pocophone F1, Xiaomi's mysterious mobile, are filtered

In addition, Roland speaks of a 5.99-inch Full HD + screen, specifically, 2160 x 1080 pixels. The most interesting fact is its processor, since it will mount the best of Qualcomm so far: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. A top of the range to maintain this price, would be an even more groundbreaking option than the offer proposed by the Mi MIX or the Mi.

On the other hand, Roland defends its filtration arguing that these features include EAN / UPC codes, which gives it truth. These codes are those shown on products sold in Europe. If Roland does not lie (we think not), this would really confirm the leak, although as always, we must take all this with tweezers.

We will leave doubts as soon as Xiaomi reveals what this Pocophone F1 hides. It could be a renowned version of the Xiaomi Mi 8, a Lite variant of the Mi MIX or another range of Xiaomi phones, although the latter is more doubtful, knowing how bulky the catalog of the firm is already. We will see what time tells us.