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create collages in your Stories

One of the most used parts on Instagram are the Stories where some create true works of art. Now Instagram has added the mode "Design, with which we can create collages to hang and give more spectacular to our Stories.

The Stories of Instagram is an audiovisual content, where we can put photos or videos and add some gif, text, music or mentions. These publications are volatile, that is, after 24 hours they disappear.

Possibly it is the most used function in the social network owned by Facebook, because extremely spectacular assemblies can be made so that all our followers can enjoy them.

What are the limits of Instagram?

The functions that allow to make the Stories of Instagram, to which we must add infinite effects and added, are:

  1. Direct: Where we can broadcast live for all our followers.
  2. Create: In this tab of the Stories we can write a phrase and provide it with multiple effects, additions and backgrounds.
  3. Normal: to upload a conventional photo to which we can put some effect.
  4. Boomerang: It is a very fun function where we create a GIF of what we want, repeating this sequence over and over again.
  5. Superzoom: You can take a picture giving it from fun touches to more professional touches.
  6. Free hands: where you can record a video easily and, of course, add effects.

New Design function

To all these functions that we have told you, Instagram has added a new call Design.

This new function allows us to make collages with the photos, either taking snapshots at the moment or with those that we have already stored on our device.

We can make different types of collage:

  1. Four photos spread across the screen of equal size.
  2. Two photos of equal size in horizontal.
  3. Three equal photos horizontally.

Image - Instagram adds mode

  1. Two photos vertically.
  2. Six equal photos spread on the screen.
  3. A large photo with two smaller ones at the bottom vertically.

Image - Instagram adds mode

To all these ways of making the collage you can add all the effects that we normally have in Stories such as text, music, GIF, etc.

With this new collage function, Instagram gives another added value to the Stories, so that they continue being a reference in the app and the most successful part of the social network.

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