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Controlling teenagers' mobile is the new feature of Google Family Link

A few months ago Google brought to Spain a new service that already had operations in other countries such as the United States. We refer to Google Family Link, an application that allowed parents to control their children's mobile.

Now it has been updated with a new function for adolescents, although of course it has differentiated functions from those that the child control had.

Teen control, but less comprehensive

Until now, parental account control was limited to users who had a Google account and were under 13 years old. The idea was to provide parents with tools to control mobile access for their young children.

In the update that Google published today this goes a step further and also extends to teenagers, although not with the same options.

For example, for those over 13 years of age it is necessary for the teenager to give consent to install the application and use Family Link. In addition, adults cannot unilaterally change the passwords of the applications they have on their mobile, as they can do with children.

A teenager can also leave this service if they wish, even if it blocks their mobile for 24 hours.

Voice lock

Another novelty is the one that will allow to block the mobile of the minors simply with that the father asks for it to Google through a voice command, ideal to use with the Google Home.

At that time the child will have 5 minutes before seeing how his terminal is temporarily blocked.

The new update of the service will begin to be available next week and to use it, it will be necessary to install the two applications that are in the Google Play Store, one on the parents' mobile and another on the child's.