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Cannon Land Family, a fun game of kittens and canons

This cannon and kitten game is a casual title that is inspired by the canyons of Donkey Kong Country. How far can you go?

Today we propose an Android game to which you can remove the wrapping paper and burst the bubble wrap: Cannon Land Family It is in the trial version to test its launch. Although it is ready to play and works perfectly. It is also fun, which is what matters.

Transport your cannon kittens in the canyon

This new kitten and cannon game is the bomb

Cannon Land Family It is a purely casual game that, as the usual canons mark, bets on the free download by integrating in-app purchases. It is a game that mixes action with endless runner style and character collection. Repeat the Crossy Road formula and is inspired by the canyons of Donkey Kong Country. If you have played the Nintendo saga you will instantly recognize the formula of jumping between these cannons.

Throw your cannon cat into the barrel aiming and firing

We will have a collection of cats that we can unlock as we get coins in the game. The mechanics are simple: just aim at the next cannon and shoot just when we are in line. The more canyons we travel the better, especially in the challenges. And, as usual, we also have combos and powerups with which to move faster.

This new kitten and cannon game is the bomb

Challenges, achievements and a huge collection of kittens to unlock. One of the strengths is not the game itself, which is addictive, is the desire to get the entire character collection. Kittens are cool, you will want them all. Although it is complicated, we already anticipate it. With a drawback: obligation to pay coins to continue. Or watch advertising videos …

Access the game preview

It has not yet been released, but you can install it from the Google Play Store and without being in beta. As we said, it is free and with in-app purchases. Micropayments are not necessary to enjoy it, so you have no excuse. To shoot kittens!