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as the manufacturers want to boost mobile sales

The cameras have been among us for many decades and although they have always been an element that has never been appreciated as now they have had such great importance in human communication.

Part of the blame is the integration in mobile phones. This began last century but it has been in the last decade when it has advanced the most.

In recent years, specifically, brands have opted to increase the number of sensors in the devices, to increase the possibilities they gave to users.

The Huawei P20 Pro is the disruptor

Until the beginning of this year the doubt among the manufacturers was to put a sensor or two. Google opted for the first, Apple for the second, and most manufacturers also opted for this second option.

But then Huawei arrived and punched the table with the triple camera of the Huawei P20 Pro. It has become the benchmark in this section of the rest of the manufacturer, displacing Apple and Samsung.

Three but why not four?

Brands have seen how this can become a sales factor, and at a time when global smartphone sales figures fall, it seems a strategy to consider.

It is clear that there are brands like Nokia that are studying to launch a terminal that has a clearly unique camera, but Huawei is also in an interesting position. Right now it has the advantage and could make a new leap forward with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro putting four cameras behind.

There will be at least one mobile with four cameras this year

One of the informants with the best contacts in the sector has made it clear that, according to their sources, there will be a mobile with four cameras before the end of the year. He has not said, yes, which manufacturer will be the one to launch it.

Perhaps the one that has more possibilities to do it is Huawei, not only because of what we have pointed out, but because simply including a wide angle it could achieve an advance similar to the one we saw with the zoom of the P20 Pro.

If it were another brand, two sensors would have to be added and although it is possible that they were the same (conventional, black and white, telephoto and wide angle), this is more unlikely. Yes, Nokia also uses black and white sensors, and in fact it is the second best option to consider.