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Apple with its Night Shift mode is hurting us

Night shift

In January 2016, Apple introduced a new iOS option called Night Shift.

Night Shift

It reduces the blue light emitted by the screen of your phone or tablet, which should ideally reduce the tension in your eyes while using the device late at night.

And, practically all Android phone manufacturers soon followed suit with a similar feature.

But a new study by researchers at the University of Manchester (through The Guardian) suggests that features like Night Shift could be doing more harm than good.

The logic behind the study

It is based on experiments performed on mice, it is simple: we find more yellow light during the day (because, you know, the sun), while the twilight is more blue. Therefore, our bodies are more likely to associate blue light with bedtime.

The study experiments confirm this, since blue colors produce weaker effects on the circadian rhythm of mice than yellow (equally bright) colors.

That shows

That we should be doing the opposite of what Night Shift does.

"Our findings suggest that using dim, cooler lights at night and bright warm lights in the day may be more beneficial," said study leader Dr. Tim Brown in a statement.

This should not be taken to the letter.

The study indicates that brightness levels are more important than color. In addition, mice are not the same as humans. But it makes you wonder if the phone manufacturers have been hurting us all with these "night-friendly" features.

Personally, it is beneficial for me but I can hardly imagine living without it, but the truth must be told and I never seriously tried to do the opposite; that is, turn on my bluest screens at night. Perhaps the study will cause a new wave of applications or features that will allow you to go both ways and see which one you want.