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Analysis of the Nintendo strategy game

Nintendo is a very famous company in the world of video games. Every new title they take out it causes a lot of stir among the players, and Fire Emblem Heroes is the new title that tries to take away our time.

When Nintendo announced Fire Emblem Heroes, we were curious about whether it would be a free title, or nevertheless I would bet on being a paid game like Super Mario Run was. Today we analyze the new game and clear up doubts about it.

A bit about Fire Emblem

The genre of strategy games on mobile devices has always been very trite. Most alternatives opt for a fairly similar game system, and Nintendo aims to get away from that concept We have about the strategic title.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a popular Nintendo franchise. The truth is that in the West it was not a saga of video games too valued until 2004 which came to Game Boy Advance and began to gain popularity in our land.

Over the years it has become one of the best-maintained Nintendo franchises, perhaps without reaching the fame of games like Zelda or Mario, but having its own audience of loyal players who love the values ??that this game shows us.

How to play Fire Emblem

fire emblem heroes analysis

The operation of Fire Emblen Hero is quite simple. we are in a board divided into several grids, and we use a series of characters, each with their equipment and skills.

One of the features that stand out about Fire Emblem is that despite being a strategy game, it creates his own system when making a triangle of weapons.

The sword defeats the ax, the ax defeats the spear and the spear defeats the sword when using our characters, we have to take into account not only its level and statistics, but also the enemy we are facing.

Just touch and slide to move a unit or make it attack

Fire Emblem Heroes plays with the essence of the original Fire Emblem making a series of small changes so that play on a small screen a mobile device as comfortable as possible. Although the most staunch fans of the saga may think that the game has been simplified, they are necessary requirements to make a great gaming experience, and our impressions are quite positive.

What has changed for Fire Emblem fans

fire emblem heroes analysis

You will wonder what happened with the adaptation to mobile devices. Things have changed enough to make it a title that we can enjoy on a mobile. We explain the changes.

Firstly, the statistics system has been simplified for fighting. While it is true that we have basic statistics the style of fighting, it is now much simpler. The random component is deleted of the saga by eliminating the chances of critical hits and hits. Now everything can be measured without playing with statistics.

On the other hand, the terrain has also been simplified. In traditional Fire Emblem games, being in an advantageous position reduced our damage and the probability of the enemy hitting us. In this title the terrain only acts as a barrier for the units. A unit on horseback cannot cross a forest while aerial units (such as pegasus riders) are the only ones that can cross mountains.

The game formulas have been simplified to attract new players

A slightly more remarkable point is the wear of weapons. In traditional Fire Emblem games, weapons had wear, and when they had just worn out, they broke. Here weapons are one more skill and it won't break

Perhaps the most controversial point is the game system itself. One of the favorite values ??of Fire Emblem players is that if you lose a unit in combat, you lose it forever. Since the mobile title is a game that is based on collecting, We won't lose the units forever if you're in combat, but to the next mission they will be again.

Game modes

fire emblem heroes analysis