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25 fresh, creative and hilarious 404 error page designs

404 error indicates that the requested webpage could not be found. The error is due to an incorrect link (internally or by some other website) or, if a user enters an incorrect URL in the browser. In both cases, the user will get angry because he expected the link to return related information, but all he receives is a 404 error page and there is nothing the webmaster can do in such cases.

Therefore, webmasters thought of a fun way to deal with this situation, instead of having nothing on the 404 error page, they began to show the most popular links on their website or a large search bar to help to people to find what they were looking for or something like that. Creative, like a game or something funny.

Now, getting to the interesting part of the post.

Here I bring 25 404 error pages new really creative and hilarious, I review them, I was inspired and I also created one for their website.