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YouTube receives incognito mode for some users

Regularly Google applications are constantly reviewed and introducing new features to offer new features to users, and one of its applications has received improvements.

But as usually happens with Google, these improvements do not usually reach all users at the same time but are activated by them in a progressive way, since Google applications work in this way to be permanently connected to the Internet, receive these news in a way remote, so the user cannot achieve much on their own.

This novelty is aboutincognito mode, which should be gradually arriving to users, since its existence has been demonstrated as can be seen in the heading of this note. Its operation is similar to what is found in Google Chrome and to activate it and verify that it exists, we have to go to the settings and click on our account image, when entering the word should appear firstIncognito Mode, if it is not like this, wait for the function to arrive.

Once in incognito mode, YouTube does not show subscriptions, so it will use a generic start without reflecting our tastes.

Have you already received the incognito mode? Leave us your comments