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You are already working on a version of Mailbox for iPad

There are countless email clients for iPad, as it is one of the main functions for which millions of people use the Apple tablet every day. One of the most successful email applications this past year has been without a doubt Mailbox, a new manager with fresh, innovative, clean ideas and that has been able to get a great deal out of multi-touch gestures. The only one hits? That were only available for iPhone, but today we congratulate all iPad users, this great application is aimed at our tablets.

The Mailbox version for iPad is already underway and a version for OS X is also proposed

If you were worried about the future of Mailbox after being bought by Dropbox a few months ago, you can already be calm, the mail client does not run the same fate as Sparrow after being acquired by Google, it is more, yesterday the company announced that An iPad version was being developed.

The team claimed that the iPad version may not require a reservation system to download it as its iPhone version presents it, although they did not want to make this point much either.

Now the real challenge is to export all those gestures and features that have earned him a deserved reputation on iPhone to a larger screen. Personally, I think that there will be no problem to export this, it is more, the size of the iPad screen sure to exploit new features. Another of the things that the client must improve is the integration with other email accounts that are not Gmail.

In addition to this, the team also confirmed that an Android version It is on your road map and do not rule out it will develop in the very distant future. But leaving mobile platforms out of band, those responsible have confessed that they are interested in launching Mailbox for other platforms and OS X is among them.

From my point of view, Mailbox has been the email client that has best managed to get to the iOS interface and its gestures. Despite this, the simplicity taken to the extreme also causes some problems that I hope will be resolved soon, as well as allowing synchronization with non-Gmail accounts.

And you, have you tried Mailbox? Do you use it as a primary mail client? Share your opinions with us.

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