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Xiaomi's new gadget with AI aimed at children

Xiaomi wants to bring its technology to all sectors of our daily lives and specifically in this note the company has developed an artifact that helps entertainment, as well as the education of children.

The pen Machine Island AI Reading Pen they have a problem with the length of their names It is a device loaded with artificial intelligence You can just slide over the text of a book read to the user through a speaker.

Voice Assistant Integration XiaoAI It is also present and offers help for the translation between Chinese and English language words. Inside if you save a database with up to 2000 words for each language mentioned and has five competences in which the child can develop: Self-care, social, cognitive and logical thinking. Through the MIJIA app, parents can monitor their children's learning process.

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As for the design we can see that it is the most tender thing in sight. Created with silicone material to protect against safe falls we have a bear-shaped pen that has WiFi for content updates, design to be used as a walkie talkie, volume controls on one side and on the other the USB port of Charge next to the power button.

The smart pen is in the process of collecting on the platform of Youpin and intends to go on sale next February 28 in blue and pink colors for a price of 299 yuan (44 dollars). Hopefully it will be successful to see if Xiaomi is encouraged to bring this peculiar product from this side of the planet.

What do you think? Interesting, right? Let us know your opinion in the comment box. We are reading.


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