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Xiaomi grow even more in Mexico and Latin America

Since before I arrived in Mexico, Xiaomi was already becoming well known to some users who read and watch videos about their devices on the internet. Many bought their products, but had to wait for them to arrive by mail. Currently, this Chinese company is more than consolidated in the country and seeks to do more in Latin America this 2019.

Last year we learned about the Xiaomi alliance with Telcel, What opened the doors to a large number of public through data plans and stuff. Today we know that Xiaomi will make an alliance with a company above, Mobile America. This means that it will be easier to expand not only in Mexico, but in the other countries of Latin America where the company operates to the main telecommunications carriers.

Proof of this is what is happening in Mexico with the My Stores. Today there are two, but they are expected to reach a total of 20 in the main cities of the country.

We are very excited to work with Amrica Mvil for our strategic development in Mexico and LATAM. Xiaomi is an internet company with a unique business model, which allows us to welcome new users, distribute products through our efficient retail channels, and obtain benefits from the various value-added services that come with each of our products.

  • Wang Xiang, Vice President of Xiaomi

More details of this alliance will be announced in the first half of the year and in Tecnocat we are sure that Xiaomi can surprise us quite a bit. What do you think about the great growth of this company? You are fan? Let us know in the comment box.

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