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With worm fibers: this is to repair damaged tendons and ligaments

Braided produced from the input produced by silkworms

The replacement of any tissue of our organism represents a challenge for whose solution the combined action of fields such as medicine and Materials science is required. An interdisciplinary team formed by researchers from the
Universidad Politcnica de Madrid (UPM) and the
Murcian Institute of Agricultural and Food Research and Development (IMIDA) has carried out a study in which they have used silkworm braids as a material to replace damaged tendons and ligaments.

According to the authors, the material used has the characteristics of high biocompatibility and high mechanical resistance demanded by this type of therapy.

The worm grandmother used in this study is a material traditionally produced in the Region of Murcia directly from silkworms and that, until
Appearance of nylon in the 40s of the last century, is one of the best fibers available to humans with applications such as suture or fishing line. The appearance of artificial polymer fibers led the daughter to her disappearance, unable to compete in price with her artificial alternatives.

Alternative to artificial fibers

In the new investigation it has been shown that the worm's daughter does not only have sufficient mechanical resistance to act as a substitute for tendons and ligaments, but also shows a high biocompatibility, which manifests itself in an efficient proliferation of various cell lineages on these fibers

Jos Prez Rigueiro, a UPM researcher who has participated in the study, "evidently, these are only promising first steps for the consideration of the worm's daughter as a viable alternative of tendons and ligaments, but all the data we are going accumulating in our investigations point to the real possibility that in the not too distant future the worm's daughter will be an option for the treatment of these types of pathologies ".

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