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WhatsApp Begal, the unofficial app in the style of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Begal It is one of the multiple unofficial apps of the Facebook-owned application, which has many similarities and similar style with WhatsApp Plus.

This app joins other applications, such as OGWhatsApp or WhatsApp Aero, which modify WhatsApp to offer new functions, differentiating designs and other features that the application does not officially have.

How to know if you have WhatsApp updated to the latest version

WhatsApp Begal, features

WhatsApp Begal is a mod that focuses most of its efforts on getting greater privacy in the most used and popular messenger app in the world.

The main differences with respect to the official app are:

  1. The contacts will only see the blue clicks when they are answered, something WhatsApp Begal has called Blue on reply.
  2. The app also allows download states to our device
  3. Comes with Anti-revoke, a function to see the messages that your contacts have deleted from a chat.
  4. It can hide online status while watching the rest of the users.
  5. We can also hide the time of our connection and continue seeing the time of others.
  6. Application design quite similar to the original, but with some other touch-up with a more rounded design.
  7. Apart from the emojis of the official application we will also have several new ones to use.

Image - WhatsApp Begal, the unofficial app in the style of WhatsApp Plus

How to install WhatsApp Begal

To install WhatsApp Begal on our Android device we have two possibilities:

  1. WhatsApp Begal (com.whatsapp): With this option you will have WhatsApp Begal as the main application, since you update your official version.
  2. WhatsApp Begal (com.bglwhatsapp): This second option allows us to keep WhatsApp official and use Begal as another application with a different phone number.

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If you want Begal WhatsApp as the main application, we advise you uninstall the official version, since when testing the app we have experienced some other problem to update the official version of WhatsApp to WhatsApp Begal.

Once we have chosen the option we want, we must download the apk file, since WhatsApp Begal is not available in the Google Play Store.

  1. Download WhatsApp Begal (com.whatsapp) for Android


  1. Download WhatsApp Begal (com.bglwhatsapp) for Android


  1. When we have the apk file downloaded on our device, we must allow applications external to the Google Play Store to be installed. If we have Android 10 we can give you this permission at the time of installing the apk file.
  2. Now we run the apk file, which we have downloaded before, which should be in the folder downloads or that folder that you have configured on your Android device to save all those files that are downloaded.
  3. Now we must follow the steps indicated by the app, which as they are are the same as the official WhatsApp application. That is, enter our phone number, verify it goes SMS and restore our backup.

These mods do not like WhatsApp

All those who know the world of the mod will know that since WhatsApp they have been fighting against this type of modifications of their application for years.