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WhatsApp Aero, an app version with an improved design

WhatsApp Aero is one of those modified versions that grant the Facebook application of enhanced functions and design With respect to the original app.

This mod is one of the heirs, along with other apps like OGWhatsApp, of the defenestrated WhatsApp Plus that had to close for the amount of pressure exerted on it.

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WhatsApp Aero features

Image - WhatsApp Aero, an app version with an improved design

WhatsApp Aero is an application that uses the WhatsApp source code to modify its characteristics, with many similarities with WhatsApp Fouad Mods, another modified application of the messaging app.

The application can only be used on those devices that have Android 4.0 or higher.

The great asset that WhatsApp Aero has are the multiple visual customization options, with many themes, colors, images, texts, backgrounds and even emojis.

In addition, it has other features such as:

  1. The options to change the interface of the app are many and varied, even making the difference with the original substantial.
  2. We can identify who visits our user profile.
  3. You can customize the fonts, even on chats independently.
  4. We have greater flexibility when sending files, since it allows us to share formats that the original app does not allow us.
  5. We can hide the double blue click and if we are online or not, independently.
  6. The sender of a message cannot delete any received message.
  7. You can hide images, videos or GIFs received so that they are not visible in the device's gallery. This means that the only way to see them is to enter WhatsApp Aero.
  8. It has all the emojis of the original WhatsApp, some more and we can even create new ones.

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How to install WhatsApp Aero

Before entering the installation itself, we must comment that, although we can have both apps (original and Aero) on the mobile, the phone number only work in one of them at the same time.

To install WhatsApp Aero you have to download the apk file from the official website of the application since it is not available in the Google Play Store.

  1. Download WhatsApp Aero for Android


  1. Once we have the file, we must allow external applications to be installed to the Play Store, although in Android 10 we can give it permission in the installation directly.
  2. Now we run the apk file of the application that we have previously downloaded, which should be in the "downloads"of the mobile or that we have configured for this purpose.
  3. The next steps are lsame as when we set up WhatsApp. That is, we must enter our number and verify it by SMS.

Image - WhatsApp Aero, an app version with an improved design


From WhatsApp they have been warning for years that the use of this type of mods is not authorized and that if they discover it they can ban (cut the service) to the user who has it installed on their smartphone.

The first punishment is temporary and only be 72 hours so that the user can delete the mod and return to the official application while, if it is detected again the penalty will be permanent, losing the service in the mobile number to which said account was associated.

From the developer of WhatsApp Aero ensure that your application has an anti-banning system So that this does not happen, but our obligation is to tell you all the information so that you have all the data that allows you to decide whether or not to install this app.

It is also true that in recent times WhatsApp has not done any kind of mass banning and this type of apps are working normally.

So you are the one who decides if you want to install WhatsApp Aero, this version of the app owned by Facebook, with an improved design and better features.