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What words will be a trend in 2020 and can benefit your brand? Facebook predicts them

International.- 2019 ends and although there are many brands that analyze the best moments experienced during the year, other firms are launching to predict which trends will be key in the next 2020 and Facebook has been one of them. Specifically, the social network of Marc Zuckerberg wants to help you when preparing your marketing strategy and has presented a new edition of its Trends and Keywords Report for next year.

Facebook has analyzed the trends in terms of new conversations on the platform in 13 territories, taking into account the evolution in the use of certain terms from January 2018 to June 2019 and has established a series of trends for the next year six areas: Art and Design, Beauty, Food and Drink, Entertainment, Mind and Body (Health) and Leisure and Travel.

"Flexitarianism" being one of the keywords

?Baos de leche? is one of the key words that Facebook has determined for the year 2020. Each time it will begin more or more next year and this is due to the concern in today's society for body care and health , which makes new techniques and treatment of well-being (such as the baths that Cleopatra took with this drink) quote upwards in the conversations of the next months.

The term "Flexitarianism" will also be a trend next year. That is, healthy diets with some flexibility, since they incorporate meat and fish on some occasions and become a trend among users in social networks.

Podcasts, one of the strategies to consider

In the field of communication and technology, Facebook predicts that 2020 will be the year of the terms "pod-person" and "podcast." Spotify has already anticipated this trend and during 2019 has considered podcasts as the central axis of its strategy to grow among its users and get new ones.

Facebook has also determined that there will be a resurgence of the 80s worldwide, especially among those who are now between 40 and 50 years of that era of youth who lived and will be the protagonists of the conversation on social networks.

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