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What differences does it have over traditional support?


eSIM: What differences does it have over traditional support?

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February 24, 2016

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Consumer electronics is a sector in which changes are constant. In recent years we have witnessed a revolution after which, we find thousands of models at our fingertips with features and prices according to all audiences. We are witnessing a constant renewal in which firms are perfecting their models with each new launch, eliminating physical barriers and creating lighter and smaller terminals that, however, hide high capacity memories or high processing speed. that have nothing to do with those in the first portable and fixed supports.

One of the elements that has gone unnoticed in recent times but that nevertheless, is important to complete the operation of our tablets and smartphones, is the SIM card, a component that continues to be something secondary for many despite being one of those responsible for being able to be connected to the Internet. During the last weeks we are listening a lot about the new generation of cards, the eSIM, which has landed slowly but promises to transform the way we use devices that are already fundamental. Here we tell you what it is, how it differs from its predecessors and how it can improve the use and performance of the devices it is in.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus SIM

What is it?

The eSIM It is a new generation of cards that will begin to be implemented in the first months of 2017. Contrary to what happens with the more widespread belief that speaks about the absence of a physical support in this new format, the truth is that the eSIM will be composed of a small microchip with the same functions as its predecessors, that is, to allow the Internet connection and to house a small amount of information that completes the basic operation of the device in which it is located.

Manufacturers take center stage

Until now, SIM cards were supplied mostly by operators, which through them, offered their customers their data connections. However, in an attempt to control all possible aspects of the models they launch, own signatures they will develop their own components through which they will incorporate in their terminals another series of added functions to the applications that are already pre-installed as standard. Operating systems may also develop this element.

Nexus 7 2013 LTE SIM slot

What can be done through them?

The most outstanding aspect that many of us can intuit with the arrival of these platforms may be related to the line contracting or rates with the different telephone companies, which with this component will accelerate and at first sight, will give users greater freedom to change operators and to configure customized plans to their tastes. However, there are other very interesting functions that represent an advance such as the possibility of creating, configuring and storing several user profiles on these cards and finally, the compatibility With multiple devices that will allow each of these accounts to be transmitted to the devices we want.


Tablets and smartphones will not be the only platforms that will benefit from the arrival of the eSIM since with her, it will be possible synchronize accounts of user in many devices and use wearables and other supports through the acquisition of unique identification codes for each user and terminal and that are granted with the cards that are activated.

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What are its inconveniences?

Currently there several open fronts which can hinder the arrival of the eSIM. First, it highlights the fact that it is an element that is in an early stage of development, which results in not starting to see the first devices with this new card until at least, within one year. On the other hand, only the largest and not all firms are determined to implement these cards as they may conflict with the telephone companies and, ultimately, with the normative in terms of existing telecommunications in each country and that would be faced with the ease of changing lines and operators that the new format would allow. Finally, we find that, as with most new technological advances after their appearance, it is necessary that a period of time elapses until the solutions are resolved. initial failures and it can be a useful tool for users.

compact tablets

As you have seen, the change in the way we have to use our tablets and smartphones comes not only from the side of devices with better benefits both in those aimed at leisure and the most professional, but also in another series of components that are basic and They are beginning to give much to talk about even though they have not appeared definitively. After learning more about the eSIM, do you think it is an important step that will help us to better use our terminals or, nevertheless, do you think it is an element that still has years of development to be really useful? You have available more information related to other advances that we are seeing in larger devices so you can give your opinion.