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We tell you how much Apple Music costs and if it suits you

Apple Music does not have a free level, that is, outside the free trial it offers its new customers for a limited time. Thus, when the experience comes to an end and your music transmission rights are cut off, you have three options: obtain a subscription, switch to a free competitor or abandon the transmission altogether. The latter is clearly not an option, and before going with the competition it is good to know how much Apple Music really costs.

If you decide to stay with Apple Music to listen to your live radio programs and their exclusives, we recommend that you take a look at all the different pricing options available before hiring a basic membership of $ 10 a month. Maybe you could have a free subscription.

add members to your Apple Music

Apple Music Subscription Breads

Before diving into the different price levels that Apple Music has to offer, we must keep in mind that all subscriptions offer access to the same catalog of content without advertising, you listen offline, music on demand, Beats 1 live and exclusive releases.

Also included is the option to download up to 100,000 songs to your iTunes library, take advantage of the saved material and on demand of a large number of mobile devices, whether Android or iOS; Mac or Windows, and watch original shows and concerts.

The main difference is in the family plan, which allows you to create up to six individual accounts in a subscription that is billed as a fixed rate per month, regardless of how many people you add.


If you live alone and need services for just one person, or you don't like the idea of ​​sharing your music library with others, you probably want to opt for the basic level. This individual plan gives you access to 50 million songs, without advertising, in addition to your entire iTunes library. It also comes with exclusive content, not to mention the possibility of downloading your favorite songs for offline listening. Currently, the individual plan will cost you $ 10 per month.

If you want to save a little, an individual subscription of 12 months costs $ 99 dollars if you are willing to pay that cost in advance, which we definitely recommend to those who are sure they want this service, since they save them about $ 20 dollars over the course of a ao.


Like most subscription services, Apple offers a discounted version of Apple Music for college students, or actually for anyone with a verifiable email from an academic institution. This also includes teachers, assistants, university professors, and other academic staff, as long as they have access to an email address that ends with .edu. The student plan costs only $ 5 per month and offers the same functions as the individual plan, which also gives you access to a variety of functions and exclusive content.


Do you want to register up to six people in your home? Subscribe to the $ 15 family plan per month. That amounts to a total savings of $ 5 per month for two members, $ 15 for three, $ 25 for four, $ 35 for five and $ 45 for six. It agrees.

Apple Music with Verizon

If you are a Verizon Unlimited customer, we have good news: you can access a free Apple Music subscription. How do you read it: you can get an individual membership for zero dollars, that is, only for six months.

How does Apple Music compare to the competition?

It's not a secret that there are several options to listen to your music go streaming, and among the most popular are Pandora, Google Music, Tune In, iHeart Radio, Tidal, and of course, Spotify. For many, choose between Apple Music vs. Spotify is not an easy task, although when it comes to global subscriber numbers, Spotify He is the absolute king. He streaming service Sweden-born has many more paid subscribers than the competition, and that is not to mention free users. But Apple Music, known for its exclusive high-level launches and its full integration into the popular iOS ecosystem, is not far behind. If you are in the Apple ecosystem, eIt is difficult to overcome the integration of the application and the ability to access your iTunes library offered by Apple Music, especially if you consider that Apple subscriptions are comparable in price to those of Spotify.

Also, if you are a frequent traveler with American Airlines, opting for Apple Music can be an advantage, as the company recently announced an association that offers passengers free Wi-Fi access to their Apple Music accounts. Having said that, a similar option was also presented for Spotify. In the end, the decision is yours, but any of the two streaming platforms have a lot to offer.