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UnBreak Magazine, make a Kit-Kat with this FREE iPad Magazine

Unreak It is the name of a newly created magazine that is now available for download from the kiosk of your iPad. The content you can find inside touches very varied topics but you will surely like them. Humor, fashion, sports, cinema, art, Apple, YouTube and a long list of topics where you can enjoy mostly current content. UnBreak has been created with exquisite taste and its modern and urban design has nothing to do with any digital publication you've seen so far. UnBreak collaborators have been chosen to provide the magazine with the highest quality and find articles by David Pic, Vctor Amela, Axel Torres, Electronic Clico, I went to E.G.B., and many more.

UnBreak Magazine, a New Native Magazine for iPad with VERY INTERESTING content

You can subscribe to the UnBreak magazine for free to receive the new number every month as it is monthly. When you start reading any of their numbers you will see how easy it is to move around the magazine. For those of us who are a little more clumsy we can learn with the first page, where we will identify the symbols that we will find later in each section.

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<p><strong>UnBreak content is completely interactive</strong> and see a personal touch of humor in many of his articles. All sections are composed of reading and part of multimedia content where you will enjoy the videos or even the audio that has been created specifically for each section.</p>
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<p>In UnBreak you will discover all the news that you will find on the billboard and you will do it in a completely interactive way. <strong>You can enjoy the top movie trailers</strong> and watch them in full screen on your iPad. You also have the opportunity to view multimedia content on your TV screen thanks to AirPlay and an Apple TV.</p>
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<p>Magazine <strong>UnBreak bets on social networks and you can share every article you read inside</strong> on Facebook, Twitter or even send a friend the full page you are reading or only part of it. Of course you can also follow the UnBreak guys on social media or watch their full YouTube playlist.</p>
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<p>Here you can see what the first issue of the UnBreak Magazine for iPad looks like:</p>
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We have downloaded the first number of UnBreak and we loved it. When you start reading the articles you check the quality with which they are made and give good faith to the great contributors who write on UnBreak. The sections of the magazine are really great and you will find topics of all kinds: Fashion, Sports, Videogames, TV, Series, Interviews, Humor, Music, Gadgets, Photography, Vintage, History, Cooking, Reports, Cinema, Apps, Contemporary Art, Youtube, Cmic, Social Media, Apple, Education …, each of them is treated with the maximum care. The magazine is created entirely in Spanish and is intended primarily for the Spanish-speaking public.

Magazine UnBreak is a digital publication that you can enjoy on any iPad model, including the iPad Mini. The way they inform us creates their own style where you can always enjoy a very funny touch of humor. Do not miss it!

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