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they use the new Mac Pro as a cheese scratcher

Since Apple introduced its new and redesigned Mac Pro in June, comparisons of the computer cabinet with a cheese grater were not long in coming. Today that has finally gone on sale some people have tested their particular way to know whether or not to scratch cheese. The channel specialists iFixIt They did too.

Mac Pro (Manzana)

Mac Pro

In her video review of the team, one of the conductors takes out an American cheese (if that can be called cheese) to rub it against the cabinet and show once and for all if it could also be a good scratcher. The conclusion, however sad it may seem, is that it cannot be done. The specialists concluded that as a scratcher the Mac Pro is mediocre.

The new Mac Pro went on sale in the United States this week at an initial price of $ 5,999 (32 GB of memory, eight-core Intel Xeon CPU, Radeon Pro 580X graphics and a 256 GB SSD). Add to this 4 thousand 999 dollars of the 6K monitor, the 32-inch XDR Pro Display.

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