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They register the first wedding through blockchain technology

Guilherme Mesquita, a doctor lieutenant of the Brazilian Area Force, and Diego Vale, a public defender, sand they became the first couple to establish a marriage made through a revolutionary process that uses the IBM Blockchain Platform technology in Brazil.

The initiative took place on November 11, 2019 and registered by the 15th Ticket Office in Ro de Janeiro. The couple, who has been together since January 2016, decided to formalize the union to allow the transfer of Guilherme from Ro de Janeiro to So Paulo, the city where Diego lives.

blockchain wedding(Photo: IBM)

blockchain wedding

In a statement, IBM announced that the first registration followed Brazilian legal rules and procedures and was made possible by the Growth Tech Notary Ledgers network, which provides digital registration services using the IBM Blockchain Platform in the IBM public cloud.

Everything was practical and fast. The biggest advantage is that the digital certificate is a mechanism that increases the reliability of the process and that it is also possible to verify its authenticity online, commented Guilherme Mesquita.

During the ceremony, the certificate, which is also physically issued by the registration office, was available in approximately 20 minutes from the virtual platform. The process involved the creation of a digital identity of the couple in the network, after choosing the service, and a brief questionnaire for the automatic generation of a writing of the stable union. The draft was validated by two notaries and then digitally signed.

It is definitely a great step towards optimizing the bureaucratic processes of our society. Probably, in the future, we can do everything from home, regardless of the opening hours or the physical structure of the notaries, for example, Guilherme said.

According to Hugo Pierre, CEO and founder of Growth Tech, with the de facto marriage between Diego and Guilherme, once again it has been shown to society that digital wallet services are viable, highly secure and reliable. "We need to urgently add efforts for this modus operandi to be adopted throughout Brazil," says the executive.

For Carlos Henrique Duarte, Blockchain Services Leader of IBM Latin America, the record is another indication that Blockchain has gained much relevance in Brazil. ?We are following this technology to reach different segments and significantly transform the way in which companies and citizens relate.

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