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These are the best campaigns of 2019 in Mexico (according to Twitter)

  • All these campaigns had, in one way or another, the support of Twitter Mexico

  • Many were also the first initiatives of its kind in the country

  • These examples can serve to give an idea of ??what the brands hold in 2020

Officially, there are just over 15 days until 2020 arrives. And in the course of 2019, just as there was no lack of surprises for the brands, there were also few campaigns.

Related Notes

On the contrary, the advertising cost of brands, as in many other years, continues to rise. In accordance with Statist, within a few days more than 563 billion dollars (mdd) should be accumulated worldwide in campaigns and other commercial activations of the brands.

In Mexico, international and local companies also did not launch a few campaigns throughout the year. But in a statement, Twitter shared those he believes were the best:

Campaigns with purpose: Corona Beer

This initiative to recycle plastics in the main tourist points of the country was not only highlighted by its social sense. He also managed to give the public a powerful incentive (something to drink) to contribute to his locality. And, in the grand scheme of things, help the world.

Doritos, the brand that best embodies your personality

It is not always easy to convey messages that are perfectly aligned with the image that has been created for companies. But when a company does it as well as Pepsico's potatoes, it is worth recognizing. Especially given the LGBT + context of activation.

Best campaigns Twitter-only, for Tecate

The regal classic is not only one of the most exciting sporting events for the inhabitants of the capital of New Len. It also represents an opportunity for this brewer to connect with its customers through a simple dynamic exclusive to the social network.

Prime Video and The Game of the Keys

For your best launch teaser, the social network design this series with Mexican talent. The promotional video generated a lot of noise around the series, one of the first that made the platform in the country. So it was a milestone for both the brand and the actors involved.

Of the most valuable campaigns to connect in a cultural event

This recognition belongs to Corona for its promotion strategy for Capital 2019. In addition to the live event that all attendees could enjoy, the company also launched a broadcast through the social network. One that launched 11 hours of continuous music.

A glass of milk, courtesy of Captain America

Although he's not embodying the iconic Marvel character, it's impossible not to think about this great hero when Chris Evans is seen. That is why Lala scored a point in favor when he made the emblematic actor part of his launch campaign for his new line.

Featured example among brand campaigns

The rebranding processes are not easy. That is why Twitter recognized BBVA's effort, after leaving behind its name as Bancomer. As part of the activation, the bank released several videos with Jorge Campos throughout September, to spread the change.

Concise and accurate, the Chevrolet video

The automaker was recognized by the social network after having launched a commercial of just six seconds last April. Not only did he promote his new Blazer truck. In addition, I did not miss the opportunity to hang up on the conversation about the end of the Game of Thrones series.

Third victory of campaigns for Corona

Thanks to its Capital festival, the brewery scored another good point in Twitter's eyes. As part of a dynamic, the company performed the first live music game dynamics in the history of the platform. Winners are given tickets for the tenth edition of the festival.

Design victory for Dove

Finally the brand of beauty and skin care products was crowned. As part of its activation, the company contacted a group of animators to give life to its new advertising message. The result was a short film that received positive comments from the audience.

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