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The new Huawei MatePad Pro looks more like the iPad Pro than we created

Huawei MatePad Pro

A few weeks ago a new Huawei tablet was filtered that seemed at first sight a copy of the Apple iPad Pro. Today the Chinese company has made the Huawei MatePad Pro official and we can confirm that they have again been inspired by Apple to design their device.

The Huawei MatePad Pro not only has a design similar to the iPad Pro, something understandable given the reduction of the frames. Huawei also decided to copy the accessories almost to the millimeter and we have both a keyboard and a pencil identical to Apple's proposal.

huawei-matepad-pro-ipad pro-2

Apple continues to show the way forward

Huawei has never hidden its admiration for Apple, his own CEO has granted many interviews in which he reveals that Apple is a kind of β€œteacher” for Huawei and that they try to resemble the Californian company. However, it is one thing to resemble and imitate Apple or another copy your designs directly.

As we see the general design is quite similar, using aluminum and very small frames. Although in this case Huawei has opted for a camera on the screen, so we have a hole in a corner. However, as we said before, this is something that can be understood. But the system used by both the keyboard and the pencil is a somewhat shameless copy.

Starting with the pencil, Apple introduced a new Apple Pencil that corrects many mistakes in a very original way. The new Apple Pencil pruning charge and hold magically on one side of the iPad Pro. Doing so appears a small icon prostrating the battery of the device, Huawei has copied absolutely everything.

ipad pro vs huawei matepad pro

The other aspect that they have also copied perfectly in Huawei is that of the keyboard. Apple again changed the Smart Keyboard on the iPad Pro opting for a magnetic solution that stuck to the back and allows us to have two positions. He Huawei MatePad Pro keyboard is identical and it is also placed magically and has two positions.

ipad pro vs matepad pro

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As we see it seems clear which is the brand that the big manufacturers decide to follow, the solutions that Apple adopts are quickly copied and imitated by the rest. And the iPad Pro, probably the best tablet on the market, is a great example.