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The game that will put the pulsations through the clouds: Wheels Of Survival

Wheels Of Survival It is a new proposal of casual game with which we will have to have incredible reflexes. Of course, not suitable for cardiac.

Along with more elaborate proposals, both graphically and argumentatively, in the Google Play Store other games appear every so often, which are what we call casual, faster entertainments that are ideal to try while we wait for the bus or we are making time to cook.

One of the last to arrive at the Google store is Wheels Of Survival, a fun game with an aesthetic reminiscent of World of Goo but whose operation has nothing to do. And it becomes something insane.

The game that will push you through the clouds: Wheels Of Survival

Jump for your life

In this application we will have to fulfill a very simple objective, to reach the top of a well in which it has been excavated and in which unfortunately the acid has taken control.

To leave we can jump from mechanical piece to mechanical piece, gears that rotate and allow us to reach higher ones.

The different sizes of them make them rotate at different speeds so we have to calculate the moment of the jump avoiding that the acid reaches us.

In addition some have metal plates that prevent us from adhering to them in some parts, so we will also have to be aware of that.

The game that will push you through the clouds: Wheels Of Survival

A music that infarcts you

Together with a curious but nice aesthetic we have a music that seems taken from the clubs of The Matrix. An electronic rhythm that makes the game speed seem higher.

By taking six or seven phases our immersion will be complete, partly because of the sound section and partly because of the increased difficulty.

Wheels Of Survival is a free game that we recommend you try, especially for those dead moments in which we need a game with very fast games.