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Samsung president to the jail for union sabotage

The president of Samsung Electronics, Lee Sang-hoon, was sentenced to spend 18 months in prison por a South Korean court after it was shown that he, along with 24 other current and former staff of the technology company, they used a variety of tactics to discourage union activity, including the threat of cutting wages and withdrawing business from subcontractors friends of the union.

Analysts say that this ruling does not affect Samsung investors, and that they are likely to be pressured to improve their corporate culture.

Lee Sang-hoon was convicted Lee Sang-hoon was convicted

Lee Sang-hoon was convicted

Last year, the company recognized a labor union of 1,000 people, and last month, Samsung Electronics employees established a new union under one of South Korea's union umbrella groups. However, Samsung's anti-union stance throughout its history is well known.

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