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Samsung Galaxy A40: some filtered features

Apparently today we will talk more than once about Samsung and leaked data in the same note. It is to be expected since South Koreans not only work in their input range the Galaxy M or in the high range with the Galaxy S10. Now it is the turn of one of the devices with which Samsung intends to dominate, even a little, in the mid-range terrain: the Galaxy A40.

The following information is quite poor, but in the case of filtered information we cannot ask for much. The data found on the page dedicated to rating the performance of smartphones, Geekbench, show the following information:

Translated although it is not so necessary we will have a terminal to run with the last version of Android 9 Pie and have the processor Exynos 7885 Octa-core at 1.59 GHz from Samsung. Your RAM will be 4 GB and for the moment this will be all revealed. Do not doubt that in the coming days more and better information will come out not only of this but of the full Galaxy A line regarding prices, specifications or even availability.

Samsung has made it clear with these devices that it wants to take an important place in the mid-range. Let's see how they are doing in terms of prices, since honestly it is a point where I feel that they fail too recently.

Anyway, what do you think of these Samsung models? Let me know in the comment box below and serve that we talked a little.

Geekbench Information


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