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Safe mode on Android: Advantages and disadvantages


Safe mode on Android: Advantages and disadvantages

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February 23, 2016

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With the latest updates of the operating system, Android has introduced a series of functions that in addition to improving aspects such as personalization and accessibility, allow the user to acquire special permissions with which they can solve important problems that can lead to a complete disablement of their dispositives. Problems such as Bricking, which we have talked about on other occasions, can now be solved from home thanks to existing guides and tutorials on many pages that prevent us from having to resort to technical services or risk being for extended periods of time Without our tablets and smartphones.

Although we have protected our devices through tools such as antivirus, and although we also own optimizers that relieve their workload and help save resources that both in the short and long term, influence their proper functioning, we can also find other elements that cause problems that once again require special actions to fix them Here we talk about safe mode on Android, of which we tell you some important aspects such as its functions and that, despite being known by millions of users, also involves a series of risks and characteristics that we now show you.

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What is it?

He Safe Mode It is a tool that we could place in a lower step to the restoration of the system, of which we have already spoken on other occasions. This is an action with which, without completely deactivating the terminal, single we can use those preinstalled content standard in the operating system, leaving aside files such as those existing in the galleries, the applications that we download through the catalogs and other functions that are not included with the software.

Can it be applied on any device?

As we mentioned before, Android has incorporated a series of functions that grant administrator permissions to users in order to solve some serious problems. In the case of Safe Mode, it is an existing function in all terminals with Android 4.1 or higher, which represents approximately 90% of all models with the green robot software existing today.

safe mode display

What is it for?

When we install New applications, we are exposed to these containing malicious elements or simply, damaged files, which on the one hand prevent it from being opened and executed correctly and on the other, can have a negative impact on the correct operation of the terminal. However, the activation of the safe mode does not completely solve the problem since it simply allows the execution of the functions installed as standard, and in the support, those elements that have caused performance failures, remain.

What are its inconveniences?

The main obstacle we face when activating the safe mode is, as we have mentioned before, the fact that all those files that have caused damage to the devices, still saved, so deactivating this option, we have the performance problems that led us to activate it before. In this case, the simplest options that we can carry out are, on the one hand, the full restoration of the device in case it is extremely necessary, or on the other, to know what has caused the errors and eliminate it from the devices.

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