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Review LG G8X ThinQ with Dual Screen, the dual screen accessory

review lg g8x thinq dual screen dtes review dualscreen mv 5

Review LG G8X ThinQ with Dual Screen, the dual screen accessory

"If you are looking for greater productivity, the double screen gives it to you, with the advantage that you can do without it so as not to carry such a heavy device."

  • Multitasking (independently)

  • You put on and take off the accessory whenever you want

  • Excellent screen sharpness

  • The phone is waterproof

  • Excessive weight of telephone and accessory set

  • Too bulky

  • Its use costs at the beginning and can confuse

  • Secondary display not waterproof

In 2019, an unstoppable trend has begun: mobile phones with double screens, such as the flexible Galaxy Fold, and also with innovative proposals such as LG's inaugurated with the LG V50 ThinQ model. This functionality continues with the LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen, which we already gave you our first impressions. This time we focus on its usefulness with the double screen, which is marketed as an accessory. In some countries your purchase is optional, in others, for example in Spain and the United States, it is sold together in a package with the telephone. This accessory gives the possibility of using two screens for multitasking, both with the same size and performance.

An accessory that also protects

With the Dual Screen accessory, the LG G8X ThinQse phone transforms into a device with two independent 6.4-inch displays, FHD + OLED FullVision (2,340 x 1,080 and 403 dpi). Both offer excellent sharpness and bright colors that we love.

Made of quality black plastic, the accessory looks robust and resistant. Adapting the phone in it is a very simple task. It is introduced from the bottom until it is coupled with the USB-C connection, similar to when you put a case on the cell phone, something logical since this case really also works as a case that protects the device and the two screens.

review lg g8x thinq dual screen dtes review dualscreen mv 15Marta Villalba / Digital Trends

The outer part of the secondary screen, made of glass, has the appearance of an off screen, in which the fingerprints are marked too. And when it is closed, it shows in a small window, useful information such as time, date, battery percentage and different icons. On the back, it covers more than half of the phone and above it has a square opening to let the camera fulfill its function.

With the Dual Screen attached, the phone feels excessively heavy and thick and, at the same time, solid. I weigh you in your pocket or purse, but it is very comfortable on a table: the hinges allow you to easily adjust the inclination and support it with different positions, as if it were a 2-in-1 portable PC.



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Things you can do with the double screen

  • As it happens in the main screen, in the secondary one you can visualize and organize the icons of the applications and the menu as you want.
  • It is possible to adjust the brightness synchronously with the other screen or independently, as you prefer.
  • Until the main screen is unlocked with the fingerprint (it is not possible with facial recognition) it does not allow access to the other.
  • Through the My Pick App you can choose which application you want to start on the secondary screen when it is opened. It is very easy to use. Simply select the one you want or, if you do not want anything to open, then mark Any. If you are touring a city, you may find it useful to open Google Maps or the camera, but it all depends on the use that each user prefers.
  • When you open the Google Documents app on the secondary screen, it is possible to display a virtual keyboard that occupies the entire main screen. This allows you to write with the device on a table more comfortably because it does not weigh. Although you must move the fingertips with tino to not press more than two virtual keys.
  • A small floating icon located on the main screen allows you to exchange what you are using on each screen to the contrary by simply pressing it. This icon also gives other options, such as displaying the Dual Screen on the main one, putting the main screen on hold to save battery power or turning off the Dual Screen.
  • For video games compatible with a physical Game Pad, such as the Asphalt 9 that is included, the main screen becomes a Game Pad. Although when holding it with both hands, the microphone is covered and affects the sound while playing.

Usability of the double screen

A new and innovative product always gives you new sensations. In our tests, until we were familiar with the new uses, it sometimes made us feel a little confused because, on occasion, some of the screens did not turn when it should and has remained the reverse. Keep in mind that the gyroscope is in the phone and not in the secondary display, hence sometimes it seems that it does not work well, but this is solved by turning the device on itself.

review lg g8x thinq dual screen dtes review dualscreen mv 7Marta Villalba / Digital Trends

We warn you, some applications may not rotate to adapt to the horizontal position: while watching a movie on Netflix (horizontal) we could not use the Booking application (it is pre-installed) horizontally. It remained vertical after opening it, and we found it impossible to use. Whether an app flips or not, does not depend on the device, but that the app is configured for it, according to LG. Google's default applications (we tested with YouTube, Documents and Gmail) turned horizontal when it started without problems.