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Reasons to buy the Honor 8X [Video]

Honor is the sub-brand of Huawei that surprises us every time it launches a device. Then, you can know in depth the three reasons that we have fallen in love with and that we consider to make it a terminal worth buying in case you plan to renew your smartphone soon.

Screen with reduced frames with great user experience

Honor 8x is a terminal that we have a screen with a resolution 6.5-inch full HD +. We can appreciate how Honor has gotten into trends and has used a borderless panel with aspect ratio of 19.5: 9 It features the famous eyebrow-shaped notch. About this last point it should be noted that the Honor 8X allows the eyebrow to disappear through software for those who don't like it at all.

On the display of the screen we can tell you that you will have the opportunity to have quite sharp colors and good contrast pleasing to the eye. The fact that the screen is wider helps the multimedia and video game experience to be of a higher level with great comfort.

If the screen display doesn't convince you, you can adjust the color temperature of the screen through the section Temperature and color mode that Honor includes in the screen configurations in order to calibrate the cold temperature or quality to our liking.

Performance that won't let you down

They will not let me lie and practically all users are looking for a balanced terminal, which gives us good performance as a pleasant user experience. The inner heart of Honor 8X is of course a Kirin 710 that integrates artificial intelligence. The smartphone learns about the use we give it and optimizes the RAM, performance and battery. Of course it is accompanied by4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage that will not fail you for a use in social networks, video games, multimedia, photography, calls, etc. of course from the hand of EMUI 8.2 the huawei customized layer, honor 8x has been running the operating system Android 8.0.

The battery responsible for giving energy is3750 mAh that lasts almost a whole day thanks to the optimization that the Kirin 710 processor gives youJust over 6 hours with the screen active evenIt helps us to fulfill our daily tasks without major problem. If you are a non-demanding user in terms of exploiting the maximum performance of the terminal, the battery reaches up to 1 full day of autonomy, something quite good for the terminal and more for the optimization that the manufacturer has implemented.

Formidable camera

If we are lovers of photography, honor 8x is a complete terminal in every way in which we can squeeze our photographic skills, thanks to its cameras implemented, honor honor 8x has a dual rear camera 20MP + 2MP while the front camera is composed of a 16MP sensor las cueles integrates very complete software that includes very useful functions.

The night photography, sharp and well-lit photographs until the famous portrait or bokeh effect. Not only do we talk about a powerful sensor, but together with artificial intelligence You can recognize the scenes to automatically adjust the colors for better viewing.

Here are some results of photographs taken with the Honor 8X

If you want to see these characteristics for yourself, we invite you to watch our video. You will surely find some extras that will make you fully encouraged. Do not forget to leave your opinion in the comment box and if you have it, your experience of use.

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