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Pokmon GO add Pokmon exchange and battles between players

Hallelujah, finally Pokémon GO will be as we wish: John Hanke ensures that the exchange of Pokémon and battles between players will arrive soon.

Active Pokémon GO players and also those who left the game due to the monotony of the approach: finally we will have two news that we wanted from day one. In fact, the game would have maintained its long-term success of not being ta cut with respect to the console approaches. Especially in two aspects: battles and exchange.

That's right, we can soon fight with other players directly and exchange our Pokémon. Word of John Hanke, CEO of Niantic. When? It has not given exact dates, but it should not be delayed.

It was about time: Pokémon GO will offer players more competitiveness

Pokemon GO

And this is basic to maintain interest. Collecting the Pokémon is fine, also get all the gyms in the area and keep them. But it is impossible to maintain interest for months, even the Pokémon fans overcome the monotony.

John Hanke says they are preparing the launch of the two novelties. The Pokémon exchange will allow players access the marketing of their Pokémon as if they exchanged a deck of cards. Much more striking than sending them to the teacher in exchange for candies.

The second interesting change that will come to Pokémon GO will be real-time battles between players. This will give the game a lot of life since not only will we have to choose the strategy by selecting the Pokémon, we must also intuit the movements of the opponent and directly measure the forces.

John has not commented on the mechanics of these combats, but it is expected that they will be carried out in the "6 vs. 6" format. Surely both players must be near the same gym.

Pokémon GO did not introduce changes due to server problems

John has given explanations for the delay of the improvements, and these have to do with the avalanche of the servers during the first months. According to Hanke, if they hadn't experienced those problems the company would have been able to include the Pokémon exchange and battles between players long before. Taking into account that it has been taking it easy for more than six months since its launch.