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one in four mobiles is yours

Huawei is having a very good sales pace. This is demonstrated by the numbers: in China, his native land, one in four phones sold is yours, at least when it comes to the second quarter of 2018. Sales figures show a good balance also for its sub-brand, Honor.

Together with Honor, the Chinese manufacturer sweeps Asian lands

This is demonstrated by the data collected by Canalys, in which sales are collected in Chinese territory in the second quarter of 2018. In fact, it is striking; the omnipotent OPPO has been surpassed, and although Vivo and Xiaomi have won positions they remain lower in the ranking.

Huawei breaks records in China: one in four phones sold is its own

The striking detail is in the sales growth. In general, the number of sales has fallen 20 percent compared to other years, which is not a mystery. From last year to this, in other brands there has been a decrease in sales of 51 percent, leaving Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO and Huawei as leaders.

The firm's growth has been 6 percent from one year to the next speaking in the quarter, but in total it has been of 22 percent. Honor, the sub-brand of Huawei, has also seen growth in its sales, going from 33 percent to a 55. Very good figures that give a little respite to the firm to function independently of its parent company.

Huawei breaks records in China: one in four phones sold is its own

Although sales have continued to decline overall, we see how Samsung has been declining slightly compared to other years after its peaks. Xiaomi continues to grow steadily, and OPPO has been dethroned by Huawei, reaching the Chinese market share of almost 30 percent.

There is still a lot of year left, and the firm has a long way to go on international sales. The excessive conservatism of Samsung and the low presence of OPPO at the marketing level except for the arrival in our country have led to a growth of a brand that has seen its profits rise. Will this affect the models that will be presented in the future? We will see it.