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No kidding: how to find your phone number on your own phone

How many times have someone asked for your phone number and you have left blank completely without knowing what to answer? Yes, although you may not be one of those people, there are many people who do not know what their phone number is. And the truth is that it makes some sense because how often do you call yourself? It's easy to forget your phone number, especially if you've recently registered with an operator with a new number recently. If it is a new phone number that you cannot remember, or you simply need to give it to someone so that they can add it to their contact information, we will show you how to find your phone number, both on an iPhone and an Android.

On the other hand, if you have doubts about giving your cell phone number for a privacy issue to anyone who requests it, you can create a second phone number to deliver to companies and people with whom you have an occasional relationship, to protect your number Real and avoid spam. You can also take proactive measures to protect your phone from hackers and intruders.

Find your phone number on iOS

Finding your phone number on iOS is easy and simple to explain why most iOS users run the same version. There are two ways to easily locate the phone number: using the Contacts application or through the device configuration.

  • Contacts: open the application Phone, press on Contacts and your number will appear first in the list.
  • Configuration: go to Configuration> Phone and My number Be the first field in the list. Of course, you can change or edit this information if you wish by clicking on the number.

Find your phone number on an Android device

The steps to find your own phone number on an Android device will vary slightly from what you have to take on an iPhone; This is because Android users may be running different versions of the operating system and variations in the way the operating system is implemented in all brands of devices. Therefore, there are likely to be different interfaces depending on the device you use and the version of the operating system you are running. Anyway, all the paths start from the configuration and the following example that we show corresponds to a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android 6.

In the contact application: If you are running a native version of Android standard, or something very close, such as Google Pixel, Nexus or Lenovo Moto G, X or Z phones, go to the application Contacts, and you can see the contact Me or My information at the top of the contact list. Ah you can find your phone number.

In configuration: in all Android phones, regardless of the manufacturer, you can find your phone number by accessing Configuration> About the phone or About the device> State> My phone number.

In some Android phones you can locate the status of the SIM or SIM card in the Status. If this is the case with your particular phone, your number will appear there. In the example at the top, the phone number was listed in Configuration> State> SIM card status> My phone number.

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