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No, Instagram does not allow you to distribute the timeline photos

A few days ago we saw information from The Verge that told us that we were finally going to be allowed on Instagram Hand out the timeline photos. A kind of retuit that would allow us to distribute these photos from other accounts to ours, something that is still impossible natively. Sorry to tell you no.

No, you will not be able to distribute the photos that appear on your TL

No, Instagram will not allow you to distribute the timeline photos

According to The Verge, this function would allow us to take publications from other accounts and publish them in your feed A function that according to the medium was under test, and there was talk (with reason) of what this would mean at the level of fake news. This has been denied, since Facebook itself has made it clear that it is not testing this function.

Now the information comes from Mashable, a portal that ensures that an Instagram representative has contacted them to deny this information and deny that this function is being tested in any way. The same co-founder of the network, Mike Krieger, says that this function would not be liked by users.

No, Instagram will not allow you to distribute the timeline photos

According to the same medium, The Verge had access to a couple of screenshots that had that feature in operation. It could have been a montage, or Facebook is preparing this functionality "in secret." It is reasonable to think that we will not see the possibility of refueling, since they allude to the problems that Facebook and Twitter have with the fake news

It is clear then that at least under official confirmation, we will not be able to refuel the photos that we will have on our timeline. The thing is, do we really need that function? Do we not have enough with the hoaxes that are generated daily in other networks? And above all, more knowing the influence and power of a network like Instagram? If you want my personal opinion, I'm glad you didn't include this feature. It would have been disastrous.