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Meet My Book Pro, WD's fastest external storage solution

WD, a Western Digital company, has introduced My Book Pro, a storage device that provides a data transfer rate of up to 435 MB / s to professionals and enthusiasts who must efficiently manage large amounts of digital content.

My Book PRO is WD's fastest external storage solution and has capacity options that include 6TB, 8TB, 10TB and 12TB, in addition to the power of the two 7200RPM units of WD with interchangeable Intel Thunderbolt 2 technology hot swap and the possibility of configuring them with different types of RAID.

This device allows both creative professionals and amateurs to focus on what they like to do, significantly cutting the time to transfer large volumes of videos, photos and audio files.

The My Book Pro device has been designed from the beginning to address the workflow of the creative professional. We have been able to combine the newest high speed and capacity on the market such as 6TB of capacity and 7200 RPM with the latest technologies to deliver a product that can be used from the moment you connect it, ”said Sven Rathjen, Vice President of Marketing for WDs Content Solutions Business.

My Book Pro combines the power of the two dual Thunderbolt ports of 20 GB / s, USB 3.0 support, peace of mind provided by RAID hardware and the speed of the two WD 7200 RPM drives to accelerate creative workflows. With the convenience of two front-access USB ports and the ability to chain up to six Thunderbolt devices, users can charge and synchronize smartphones, smartphones, tablets or cameras, while simultaneously connecting 4K monitors or additional storage devices.

At any time, user data may be at risk if they are not protected. Whether it is a lost PC or a virus, it is essential to keep data secure by backing up important documents and valuable content.

With the three customizable configuration options (RAID 0 (default), RAID 1 and JBOD) offered by the My Book Pro device to keep the content protected, data bottlenecks are reduced and performance is improved without affecting the performance of the computer's CPU.

In terms of availability, the My Book Pro storage device is protected by a 3-year limited warranty and is available in the WD store on as well as in authorized stores and distributors.

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