Mario Kart Tour has been the most downloaded game from the App Store


Recently, Apple held a special event to unveil the best apps from the App Store of 2019. Additionally, the signature of the bitten apple logo took the opportunity to share a series of lists of the most downloaded games on iOS and iPadOS throughout this year.

How could it be otherwise, and despite the fact that the game landed in the App Store practically at the end of the year (specifically in September), Mario Kart Tour has been the most downloaded free game on iOS. For its part, the most downloaded game for iPad has been Roblox.

Below we list the different lists of the most downloaded games on both iOS and iPadOS, an excellent opportunity to know the most popular titles of the moment. You may be surprised at some of the games on the lists. Let's go there

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The most downloaded games on iOS and iPadOS

This is the list of the most downloaded free games on iPhone:

1. Mario Kart Tour
two. 3D Bump Color
Four. Call of Duty Mobile
5. BitLife Life Simulator
6. Polysphere Art of Puzzle
7. Wordscapes
8. Fortnite
9. Roller Splat!
10. LOVE !!!

Regarding paid games, Minecraft leads the list on iPhone:

1. Minecraft
two. Heads Up!
3. Plague Inc.
Four. Bloons TD 6
5. Geometry Dash
6. Rebel Inc.
7. The Game of Life
8. Stardew valley
9. Bloons TD 5
10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Below is the list of most downloaded free games for iPad:

1. Roblox
3. 2
Four. 3D Bump Color
5. Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game
6. Fortnite
7. Polysphere art of puzzle
8. Wordscapes
9. Tiles Hop EDM Rush
10. Helix jump

And finally, the 10 most downloaded paid games from the iPadOS App Store:

1. Minecraft
two. Geometry Dash
3. Bloons TD 6
Four. Plague Inc.
5. Amazing Frog?
6. Stardew valley
7. The Game of Life
8. Heads Up!
9. Terraria
10. Bendy and the Ink Machine

A couple of quick notes in reference to these lists. It is striking to see two versions of the Bloons saga in the most downloaded games for iPhone, it has also struck us how Fortnite has not been among the top positions. Finally, it is also worth mentioning how Geometry Dash, which is on several lists, remains so popular after so many years. What do you think?