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Install the Xiaomi video player

Xiaomi presented a new application ?My Video? as a system application with the MIUI Beta update and now after spending some time with the application we are here to share the features of the Mi Video Player application.


The My Video application has a clean interface. You get two tabs: Videos and Explorer. Under these tabs, you also get a search option that is very useful for searching any video by file name. In the upper right corner, you can see a clock cone that shows a history of recently played videos.

At the top, you will find the name of the video file that is currently playing. Next to the file name, find the ?A? icon that represents the subtitle configuration. In addition to this, find an icon to select the audio track (several audio tracks will be displayed for a video file in several languages). Finally, in the right corner, find a gear icon that provides common controls such as volume, brightness and full screen.

  • Play / Pause video: Double tap on the Direct Video screen
  • Swipe right Rewind video
  • Swipe left Screenshot: Touch the scissors cone
  • Lock the video playback screen: Touch the Brightness lock cone
  • Swipe up / down to the left of the screen Volume: swipe up / down to the right of the screen

Subtitle Configuration

This is one of the most useful and exclusive functions. We now have support from subtitles. Simply tap the cloud cone under the subtitle settings and a list of available subtitles will be displayed. Simply tap the subtitle file from a list of available subtitles and it will be added instantly! You can even add a subtitle file from your local storage. In addition, you can choose between three default subtitle sizes and you can also select the color of the text in the subtitle settings.

Audio track settings

If you have a video file with multiple audio tracks, then you can easily switch to another language using this function. Just touch the name of the available audio tracks.

General Settings and Other Features

In this setting, you can adjust the volume and brightness. A full screen toggle option is also available. Share a video: press and hold the video file, select it and press the «Send» button Hide videos: as the name suggests, this function is useful to hide a video. Select a video / videos you want to hide. Then touch ?Hide? and receive a message to enter a 4-digit password. After setting the password, your video now moves to the hidden video folder. To watch a hidden video, go to the Explorer tab – Hidden Videos folder – Enter the password.

Download here

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