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Instagram wants to clean our profile photos from hashtags

One of the key functions in any social network is to find content related to what we like or a specific topic. For this, hashtags or tags were invented, a way of linking publications that dealt with a common theme.

The problem is that too often when using them what we do is blur the text we want to put as an accompaniment to an image, in the case of Instagram.

That is why in the company they are trying a new way to implement this function, much cleaner.

Putting hashtags without dirtying the text

Until now, if we wanted to publish an image and wanted to put hashtags, we had to use the text box to do so. Some refused to do so and used the first comment so that they were not visible on the timeline.

Instagram is testing a new interface in which lThe hashtags will be put in a similar way to how we tag people in the photos or put the location, with a function for it, so that it will not appear in the text we write.

It remains to be known how that will be shown once published as it may be even more striking than before.

At the moment there does not seem to be a limit on the quantity of labels that we can put but it is logical to think that when the testing period of this function ends and it is implemented, there will be some way to control that.

We can limit the visibility of our photos by countries

In addition, the company is testing another feature through which we can choose in which locations the photos we publish are seen.

By default we can make our posts and stories visible worldwide, but if we prefer, they will only be visible in the countries we select.

We still do not know when these functions will be available in the stable version since at the moment they are internal test leaks.