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Instagram launches tools against fake news and hate speech


There are many reasons why the information circulating on social networks is synonymous with controversy. However, the fake news and offensive comments that circulate freely take first place in the list of things must be improved at once, on these platforms.

In this sense, for months we have seen how Facebook has modified its policies in a first attempt to remedy this behavior by users. These regulations will extend to Instagram, also owned by Facebook, as of today.

No more fake news on Instagram

According to a statement released by Facebook, the information published on Instagram go through the filter of a data verification agencies, which allows Instagram to analyze the content published on the social network to determine whether or not it is true.

In a first stage, the program began to be tested in the United States, but today is its worldwide launch. It is activated showing an Instagram warning, when a photo or video appears as false news in the feed. However, users can still choose to view the content regardless of the warnings.

We want you to trust what you see on Instagram. Erroneous information based on photos and videos is increasingly a challenge in our industry, and something that our teams have focused on addressing.

After the notification, it will also be possible to see the comments of the fact-finding agencies on that publication, and the application ask if the user really wants to share the marked publication with the fake news notice.

Using instagram

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On the other hand, Facebook said the Instagram application also detect and warn about intimidation and hate speech comments.

Today, when someone writes a subtitle for a feed publication and our artificial intelligence detects the subtitle as potentially offensive, receive a notice informing that your subtitle is similar to those reported for bullying. You will have the opportunity to edit your subtitle before it is published.

Although the immediacy and lack of censorship in social networks helps in many situations, it is no less true that false or unconfirmed news was in the same proportion. Therefore, Facebook has addressed complaints in this regard and little by little their platforms try to control all the information circulating among them What do you think of this measure? Share in the comments!