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How to use the Google family account: available in Spain, Mexico …

A year ago Google introduced a highly anticipated feature for Google Play, family accounts. Thanks to this feature, users could link their accounts (always within a family unit) and share applications, games, movies, TV shows and series, eBooks and also the new audiobooks.

Shortly after the company made the leap and has launched this service in many more countries, among which was Spain.

What is the Google Play Family Collection for?

Paying for digital goods is something that often costs, at least to some users. In part it is because if we buy a game we cannot share it with people at home. The idea of ​​Family Collections is that, to be able to share what we buy with other people, up to a maximum of 6 counting the administrator.

Users within the same Family Collection may use the games, movies, programs and TV series, eBooks and audiobooks purchased by other users of the same group.

What requirements must be fulfilled

When we register a Family Collection we will become administrators Of the same. To do this you must be over 18 years of age, have a valid credit card that is the one that will be used in purchases and reside in a country where this service is operational.

In addition, we cannot belong to another family group and you can only create groups with gmail accounts, not from work or school.

To enter the group It will take a Google account, of course, to live in the same country as the account administrator and again not to belong to another group. If we are over 14 years of age there will be no problem, but an adult must create the account.

How to create a Family Collection

In order to create, or join, a family account, we must follow these steps:

  1. Open the Play Store application.
  2. In the upper left corner, we enter the menu, The three stripes icon.
  3. We are going to Account.
  4. We select Family.
  5. Click on Sign up to create the family collection.
  6. We follow the instructions.