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How to set up Ambient Display on a Xiaomi mobile with MIUI 11

ambient display cover

Before getting involved, we have to explain a bit what is what we call ‘Ambient Display’ and what we have in some Xiaomi brand terminals (in addition to other brands such as Samsung). The ‘Ambient Display’ is a screen mode in which we obtain information, directly from the screen ‘off’ of the phone. That is, if we have the mobile on the table, locked, instead of having a screen off we can see a clock, the date and some notifications. Do you spend a battery? A little, but what do we want the battery for if not to use it?

In some Xiaomi terminals, as we say, we have this ‘Ambient Display’ technology available. In addition, thanks to the arrival of version 11 of the MIUI customization layer, this ambiente ambient screen ’has received substantial new improvements. Taking advantage of the fact that we have a compatible Xiaomi terminal with this technology, in this case a Xiaomi Mi 9T, we will teach you to configure it correctly to get the most out of it. And if you don't want to have it, we also teach you to get rid of it.

Configure the ‘Ambient Display’ to your liking on a Xiaomi mobile

Take your Xiaomi mobile with MIUI 11 and compatible with ‘Ambient Display’ and enter the settings. Then, we access the section ‘Always active screen and Lock screen’.

ambient display miui 11

To activate the ambient screen we turn on the switch of ‘Ambient screen’. We must ensure that it is activated, because if not, it does not appear under any circumstances. Later, in ‘Style’ we will choose what to see on the screen. We have several themes at our disposal, from illustrations such as an astronaut or a cactus to kaleidoscopes that change shape throughout the day, analogue, digital clocks and we can even place a personalized phrase.

ambient display miui 11 02

Certain sections can also be configurable. For example, in the ‘analog clock’ we can change the clock face; In the drawings we can change the color of the text. We just have to enter the chosen design and, on the next screen, observe what we can change.

In each of the themes, in addition, we will select the color of the text, if we want to show us the status of the battery and the notifications that come to us. Of course, we will only receive certain notifications of selected applications, and not all those that will normally reach us. In the ‘Signature’ section we can change the custom text and put the color we want. A good way to set reminders and make sure we don't forget something.

When we have chosen the design of our preferred display ambient display ’ click on ‘apply’ and we will try to see if it has been to our liking. In the following settings we have, for example, ‘show items’, which is nothing more than choosing at what time we want to have this information active. We can always leave the ambient screen or choose a programmed time slot. For example, in my personal case I have to activate it at 7 in the morning and deactivate it at 10 at night.

ambient display miui 11 03

We can also choose the notification view, that is, the visual effect of the ambient screen when we receive any notification. We can choose between four different ones: to illuminate the screen, rhythm (the edges light up intermittently), pulse (same as the previous one but the light is red) and stars (an animation with blue circles appears that fills the screen ). We can also choose to have the screen do nothing when we receive a notification.

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